Tennessee transfer additions recap

The offseason has been quieter for Tennessee in terms of the NCAA transfer gate, both in terms of players entering and leaving, compared to a year ago. With their new staff set to bolster virtually every roster position with starting caliber players and/or depth plays, the Vols totaled 10 transfer additions, eight of them after the end of spring training – season-changing quarterback Hendon Hooker was the only one to precede the coaching change. While Tennessee hasn’t lost anywhere near the quality or quantity of players it did on the portal a year ago, the Vols have also only brought in four purse transfers this cycle, though each of them will count on him to strengthen the team this season.

Tennessee had limited list space with which to hunt transfers in December and January, and the Flights failed in their pursuit of several other targets, some of which were met with visits and some which did not go so far. But the focus now is, with the start of summer schools and workouts, on who has Tennessee and the portal additions he has made. On offense, they’re two potential starters in positions where the Vols are replacing NFL draft picks, while two players from State have been brought in to bolster a secondary also set to replace a few key starters.

Here’s an in-depth look at the transfers Tennessee has added this offseason.

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