Meta Adds New Account Switching and Cross-App Alerting Tools to Maximize Engagement

Meta tries to get more people into its apps and get them to spend more time on Facebook and Instagram respectively, by making it easier to switch between your logged-in profiles on each and adding new alerts to lure you in.

As Meta explains:

“We know that many people use more than one of our apps to pursue different interests, reach wider audiences, or share different aspects of their identity with different groups of people. With that in mind, we’re simplifying the process of creating and switch between accounts and profiles.

First, Meta is trying out a new profile switching interface that will show how many notifications you have on each platform, to lure you to each app.

As you can see, rather than just seeing your Facebook profile/pages in the account switcher on Facebook, you will now also see your logged in IG account(s), providing an easier link between the two . It will also work the same when passing IG.

Activity notifications like this can make it a little easier to keep track of your alerts – though they’re not quite as useful as the activity markers Facebook recently tried in Facebook Search, which show the number of new profiles posts you’ve already viewed up have been added since your last check.

Facebook search indicators

This made it easier to stay on top of the latest updates, in case you missed them in the News Feed (or aren’t following the Pages). But at the same time, it also gave users less reason to tap and check everyone for new notifications. Less time spent is not good for Meta metrics, so he ended this test after a few months.

Personal activity alerts aren’t as beneficial or impactful to Meta usage stats – though they will, as noted, probably encourage more people to log into each app more often. Because even though these notifications aren’t important, people find it hard to resist these red dot alerts.

On another front, Meta is also rolling out a a new account registration and login flow that will make it easier for users to log in and create new accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Instagram profile change

New users of our products can create a Facebook or Instagram account and then use that account to sign up for others. And people who have both a Facebook account and an Instagram account can now easily use login credentials from one app to access the other, as long as their accounts are in the same Account Center.

There are no big changes here, but the streamlined layout and process will make it easier for users to understand how to take each action on each page.

Which pretty much sums up the whole approach of these two new additions. With time spent in its apps on the decline, Meta is looking to add more ways to keep people in its digital walls longer, which is why it wants to connect its various accounts and tools, and add more combined notifications, to s ensure he can keep you as long as possible.

And it won’t be limited to just Facebook and IG accounts:

While these changes are currently limited to Facebook and Instagram, we will continue to explore how to improve connected experiences across all of our technologies.

So Meta is probably also looking at ways to integrate notifications and switch options for WhatsApp, as well as updates to the VR environment formerly known as Oculus.

The idea is that by combining these and making switching as easy as possible, you’ll just keep floating between its apps, adding to its active user stats and, ideally, spending more time with its tools.

What appears to be a temporary solution to stop the exodus of users away from its applications. The larger problem for Meta right now is that people just aren’t as entertained by messages from friends and family as they used to be, with the rise of video marking yet another shift in the social media landscape. , shifting from “connection” – the social element – to “entertainment” instead.

What Meta has never been great. Facebook Watch never really caught on, though Meta tried to portray it as a success, while IGTV was retired last year, reflecting the company’s ongoing struggles to maximize user engagement. with entertainment content.

TikTok, however, focuses on entertainment rather than social connection, much like YouTube, with both being less about who you know and more about what you like.

This has never been Meta’s approach, with its tools built around updates from family and friends. They’re trying to rectify that now, by pushing more entertainment-focused content into your feeds, from profiles you don’t follow, in hopes that you’ll start referring to them for entertainment as well.

But will it work? Can Facebook and Instagram become entertainment apps rather than connection tools?

Meta says it is testing its new account switching options globally on iOS, Android and the web.

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