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Negative credit entries make life increasingly difficult for consumers. No matter whether it is currently still outstanding claims or already settled claims, credit entries are once available, the creditworthiness is gone for years. This is not least due to the fact that credit entries, even if they have been completed, remain noted in the credit for at least 3 years with the note completed.

For consumers, this ultimately means that borrowing is permanently not possible. Basically, banks based in Germany belong to the credit and thus carry out a credit inquiry for every loan application. Ultimately, this means that credit entries generally lead to a rejection of the loan application. But there is also the possibility to get an instant loan despite credit entries and this at quite interesting conditions.

The instant loan despite negative credit entries

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While banks based in Germany deny lending to consumers who have negative credit entries, banks from other European countries use the German market. Thus, credit brokers in Germany offer the instant loan without credit query for years. The possibility arises, for example, Swiss banks quite willing to give an instant loan despite credit entries.

The German market was discovered very early by banks based in Switzerland, which is why there is often talk of Swiss credit. But not only donors and banks from Switzerland work together with German credit intermediaries, but banks from different countries. Since these banks are not members of the credit, no information is obtained from credit and the usual credit check in Germany is largely eliminated. Of course it is advantageous to be able to show a correspondingly high income, but negative credit entries are irrelevant when it comes to instant credit despite credit registration.

The demand for an instant loan despite credit entries continues to rise.

The demand for an instant <a href=loan despite credit entries continues to rise.” />

Accordingly, there are many offers on the market. This creates competition among vendors and offers really cheap deals for instant lending despite credit, with online lenders very active, but even though consumers are stumbling across many offers when surfing, they should be treated with caution. It is important to rely on a reputable credit intermediary. Reputable agents can be recognized by the fact that no pre-cost has to be borne.

Find interesting offers

Find interesting offers

The agency fee, which is charged for the loan brokerage, is usually due only on a successful loan brokerage and is compensated with the monthly loan installments. In order to find the cheapest offer for personal credit needs, it is worthwhile to use an online credit comparison. All important data can be found at a glance and all reputable offers are listed so that it clearly shows where the offers are located. Really cheap deals are barely above the terms of a conventional installment loan. However, slightly higher costs must be included in an instant loan, despite the credit entry, because the banks carry a higher risk due to the lack of a credit check.