Collector: It was irresponsible to lend Marilyn Monroe’s dress to Kim Kardashian

Believe it or not from Ripley! was “irresponsible” to lend a historic dress once worn by Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian for the Met Gala, a collector has claimed. Scott Fortner said the franchise’s sole intention in allowing the reality star to wear the outfit at the prestigious New York fashion event was “publicity” and that more should have been done to protect “the ‘cultural icon’.

It comes after photos posted online by Mr Fortner appeared to show damage to the dress, which has since been returned to Ripley after the event. The images sparked backlash against Kardashian online, with social media users blaming her for the condition of the dress.

But Mr Fortner told the PA news agency he did not want the outrage to be directed at the reality TV star. “I think the disappointment I feel is that Ripley made several statements that they were doing everything they could to protect and preserve the dress,” he said.

“I think it was (was) irresponsible, it’s not just a dress. She’s a cultural icon. She’s a political icon. She’s a Hollywood icon.

“This is part of American history of an event that happened 60 years ago and…it should have been archived, preserved and taken care of.”

He added: “I think a lot of people are really, really hard on Kim Kardashian and this is not my attempt here. This is the most famous dress in the world.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson at the 2022 Met Gala

The dress was worn by Monroe during her infamous 1962 performance of Happy Birthday to US President John F Kennedy. It is the most expensive dress ever sold at auction, having fetched $4.8m (£4m).

“Who wouldn’t want to wear the dress if given the chance?” Mr. Fortner asked. The historian, who kept his own private collection of Monroe artifacts, said the dress was now “unrepairable” because it was no longer possible to buy the fabric from which it was made.

After the Met Gala, Kardashian shared a photo of the form-fitting dress, adorned with over 6,000 crystals and hand-sewn by costume designer Jean Louis. Speaking about Ripley’s decision to lend it to Kardashian, he said, “I don’t know what the motivation was other than the publicity.

“Because the amount of publicity that resulted was really invaluable, you couldn’t pay for the amount of publicity they would have gotten and that’s really the only thing I can think of as a reason that they do.”

Kardashian said she was “so honored” to wear the dress to the Met Gala and revealed she lost 16 pounds to fit into it.

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