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November 1, 2015 Quick payday loans in November may be necessary. It is now that stores start selling periods. Many electronics stores wanting to sell this year’s equipment significantly lower its prices. Sellers must have room for new models that will start appearing during the holiday season. We encourage you to read the ranking of the best payday loans in November so that the purchase opportunity does not pass anyone’s nose. 

Once again, the leaders fall to the same companies as in previous months. Their offer turns out to be unbeatable. A high percentage of granting payday loans, an easy-to-fill application and instant response are elements that our clients pay special attention to.

Best offers of payday loans in November

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Get Credit is an institution chosen first by people who have not used online payday loans yet. GetCredit offers new clients the first loan up to PLN 1,500 completely free of charge . A company with an established position on the market, enjoying great trust among new and regular customers, once again took first place in our ranking. Our expert assesses her as highly as her clients.
Filarum is a company that enjoys a reputation as a leader when it comes to sending information regarding the processing of an application. An instant loan response is often a decisive factor influencing which non-banking institution we choose.


More positions in the payday loan ranking

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The list could not miss ViaTEXT, which has recently increased the limit of free loans for new customers. From October, customers who have never taken a loan via ViaTEXT can get a free payday loan up to PLN 1,000. This limit increases along with building a positive loan history in the company, and so with the second loan this limit is PLN 1,200, and when borrowing money for the third time we can apply for PLN 1,600, the last step is the fourth loan which we can take up to PLN 2,000. OneCredit 24/7 and Bearmoney, a brand from Wise Credit, returned to the ranking after a few months, which received a large injection of cash and intends to turn on the tap with money.

OKCredit is a recent company that has been included in our listings. This is the only company in the list that provides its services on-site, i.e. that we will submit a full loan application at the branch.

Payday loans for 60 days

Payday loans for 60 days

The most important, however, is thoughtful action. When deciding on a quick payday loan online, we should be sure that we can pay it back on time. There are companies on the market that offer payday loans for up to 60 days, including Longa, Wisepocket or Borrow Xpress or the already mentioned OKCredit.

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