Month: August 2019

Did you know that you could be involved in mortgage fraud?

Mortgage fraud does not only occur when someone tries to sell you a house that is occupied, on the contrary, sometimes the one who ends up being the victim of fraud is the same bank and the clients are responsible. In this case, mortgage fraud occurs when you provide some information that is not true […]

Who assumes the notarial expenses in a mortgage loan transfer?

When evaluating options in a purchase of mortgage credit debt, you should consider the expenses that this operation will generate. If you have doubts about who assumes the notary expenses in a mortgage transfer, you should read this article. What is the transfer of a mortgage loan? The transfer or purchase of a mortgage loan […]

Truths you should know about cancer insurance

The appearance of a disease such as cancer can transform the life of an entire family overnight. Not only does it arise suddenly, but in some cases it is detected when it is already in an advanced state, causing recovery to be much more difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible to be prepared to respond to […]